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My Blog Has Moved!


Decided to move my blog to another weblog site and hope that it is better to use (to me at least).  
My new blog's home is here.  See you there!

Just Any Other Sunday

Nothing to do, so boring...!  Apparently Mommy also bored, that's why she's taking shots of me doing nothing ... duh!


Pretending To Be Man of the House

How?? How to pretend?

By sitting at Daddy's place on the sofa! See!

Whoa.... never realised I can sit so straight with my back straight up manz! Shiok!
See my left hand trying to rest on the arm rest??? Erh... I couldn't quite reach nor place it properly there cos my arm too short hahaha...!!

How do I look? Stylish or not? *giggles*


My Laptop!

I may not be so IT-savvy but I do have my own laptop ok??!!  See below photos for proof!  Do you see my laptop?? 

I heard some of you saying "where, where?"... ... ^_^

The "lap" where I sleep on "top" lah!! whoahaha... that's my "laptop" lor! *rolling around and laughing hard on the floor*  It's my very own and personal laptop ok? No one besides me can sleep there de, it's for me EXCLUSIVELY! *looking proud*

To request to sleep on my laptop, I would stand up on my hinds and with 1 front paw against the chair (that Mommy is sitting on) to support myself, I would tap Mommy's thigh lightly to indicate my request.  Mommy would then lift me up and put me on her lap.  Mommy would put me back down on the floor when her legs become numb heehee...


How Not To Destroy Your Soft Toys

The 2 videos below shall show you how it is possible to NOT kill your soft toy. The secret is 'Be GENTLE'!! hahahaha... Ok lah, I shall stop blarbing nonsense. Please enjoy the videos!

Part 1

Part 2

See how I gently nibbled at my bear toy's ear? *wink* 
I know I am a bit 'ya-ya-papaya' already... sorry! So Mommy decided to 'punish' me by showing you the following 2 pics of how useless I was:

Staring at the bear which has fallen off the bed:

Mommy ...!! HELP! Bear-bear has fallen off; please rescue him for me?!!

Mommy: "Duh! Can't you just get off and rescue him yourself??!! Stop whining and get your butt off the bed lah!"

Kibble Eating Demo

Steps in kibble-eating:
1. Put on your apron. But a t-shirt will do as well.
2. Put on your best behaviour; SIT nicely and wait to be served.
3. Listen carefully for the 'OK' command to begin chomping.
4. Lastly, ATTACK your food!!!

Below is a demo video on the above steps:


If still not clear about the steps, please leave your questions in the Comments link.  Thank you for viewing the demo. ^_^


Why Am I Behind Closed Door?


3 chances, make a guess why I was behind closed door (in the room)?
... scroll down only when you're ready to know the answer!
Because ...
Daddy went out from the room, then I heard him going to the kitchen opening some plastic bags.  To us dogs, sound of plastic bags = FOOD mah!  So immediately I perked up and stationed myself by the door lor ... ready to charge out anytime when the door opened!

So how many of you guessed correctly? ^_^

The Views From Below

Mommy tried to be artistic but the photos turned out not sharp! LOL! Mommy! Time for new camera lah..


Mommy wasted the chance; see?  I tried my best to pose nicely for her. Duh!

Blow Job

Now, don't think dirty ok??! I am talking about the my hair being blown dry which I hate and yet always have to be done once I am out of the shower!  Before the hairdryer, I'd have been rubbed and rubbed drier with a towel. 

Mommy so smart! She picks a corner in the room, sits down and uses her legs to block me in that corner.  I always will want to try to walk away but being a good (aka timid) boy I am, I stay put when Mommy says "NO!"  I'd have no choice but to let that irritating warm air blow at me!  The only protest I can show is WHINE -- one of the things I'm good at! whoahahaha....


Must blow till my hair so ugly looking meh??!!! WHINE....

Treats Time!

About a week ago, my 'Gan-Ma' gave me 2 ziplock-bagful of raw dehydrated treats -- lean pork and pig hearts!! Yum-yum-yummy!!!!!! Sorry ah, 'Gan-Ma' .. I call you Gan-Ma without you officially acknowledging me as your godson :P

Today's video is to show you how delicious those treats are and how 'evil' my humans are! See how they keep me in suspense, dangling the treats in front of me keeping me in suspense instead of feeding me immediately! See how my poor (lower) jaw trembles in anticipation (MUST LOOK CLOSELY).. making me look so gluttonous! hmph!


Bowie: *paging 'Gan-Ma'* "MORE! MORE! hahaha..."
Mommy: "Bowie! Don't you feel paiseh asking for more treats??!!"